The Nile Project was founded in August 2011 by Egyptian ethnomusicologist Mina Girgis and Ethiopian-American singer Meklit Hadero to address the Nile basin’s cultural and environmental challenges using an innovative approach that combines music, education and an enterprise platform.



We will implement a wide range of creative, collaborative & sustainable programs including the Nile Gathering, Nile Tour, Nile Camps, Nile Curriculum, Nile Stories, TEDxNile and the Nile Enterprise Platform & Fellowship.


For millennia, the Nile has nourished lands of human, ecological, and cultural beauty. Connecting the polyrhythmic styles of Lake Victoria and the pointed melodies of the Ethiopian highlands with the rich modal traditions of Egypt and Sudan, the 4,200 mile river yields an enormous range of songs and dances, expressing stories, emotions, and daily life. Bringing together musicians from Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Rwanda South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda, The Nile Project intertwines these traditions into a unified sound.  


Support an innovative approach to the challenges of the Nile basin and help shape the future of the world’s longest river. By supporting the Nile Project, you will be part of an initiative by the people of Nile for the Nile, its people and the world, in partnership with local organizations, musicians and professionals who believe in the power of music, dialogue and empathy.